Text 31 Mar

The comper asked, “is the RGB pass ready?”
—”Yes, it’s also greeny and bluey”, I replied.

(— Dave Thomlison)

Quote 4 Jan
What do you get if you drop a grenade down a rabbit hole?
—  Pooby
Quote 3 Jan

What does a particle say to his tail ?

-“Strand by me”

—  Olivier Jeannel
Quote 2 Jan
There is no Adaptive Threshold parameter… just a bunch of rays Chuck Norris allows to live…
—  Tim Crowson
Quote 27 Jul

Why did the CG artist get kicked out of the casino?

He knows exactly how the dice are rigged.

— Jonathan Kirby
Quote 26 Jul

Why did the graphics card try to get the girl’s number?

It wanted to texture.

— Jonathan Kirby
Quote 25 Jul
Q. How many producers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. Don’t get all technical on me.
— Geoff
Quote 24 Jul

Q: What actor is this?
proc Guitar($guitar) { print $guitar; }

A: Mel Gibson

Quote 11 Sep
What is Andy Serkis’ favorite coffee? …a “mocapuccino”.
— Alan
Quote 29 Jun
My fiance’s name is Maya. Shes a model who acts,though shes a little stiff in her movements.shes got a hot box, has smooth skin, and she renders me speechless. while on her way to a script reading one day, she almost crashed.. luckily, i saved her. shes a bit primitive, and sometimes i think shes hollow inside, but when the light hits her face at the right angle, you can see her true colors; shes just skin and bones like everyone else, looking to work her way on to the big screen.
— Alex
Quote 9 Mar
I really wanna learn Houdini but I am scared of all the sidefxs!!
— Cris
Quote 8 Mar
I’m writing a script for doing face mocap, and it seems that my coordinates for the nose have some strong opinions. The x coordinate is prudish (‘nosex’) and the y coordinate is annoying (‘nosey’). Interesting…
Quote 5 Jan
What did the compositor call the guy playing an untuned guitar? A “chromatic abberation”!
— Alan
Quote 22 Dec
"One time I used Houdini, I nearly broke my hip!", said the fx artist.
— Alan
Quote 19 Aug
#cgpickuplines — I wish I were UVs so I could wrap around you…
— Alan

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